Definitely Limericks

I wrote these for the Omnificent English Dictionary in English Form, a magnificent, ambitious, and slightly insane attempt to write a limerick for every word in the English language, one letter group at a time. You can see my additions and revisions there, but I like to keep them here as well; the menu below leads to permanent pages for each letter group. You can also see some co-written pieces, an area especially aimed at OEDILFers, and a page of limerick biographies of famous artists.

A new leader signs callous decrees,
While apologists seek to appease.
As conditions get tougher,
Minorities suffer,
And fascism comes by degrees.

The fascist thinks nothing of crushing
Political enemies, brushing
Aside all conventions
And laws. His intentions
Are clear: do his worst, without blushing.

Collaborators see in the devil
A chance to descend to his level.
To save their own skins,
They concur with his sins,
And conjoin with his demons to revel.

For years, Britain’s best-known appeaser
Was Chamberlain, ill-advised geezer
Who pandered to Hitler.
Could leaders act littler?
Who’d trump him? What’s your view, Theresa?

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