Rory Ewins's Cartoon Lounge

These cartoons and comics span twenty years, from my time at the University of Tasmania until moving to Edinburgh. The Cartoon Lounge was one of the earliest parts of this site, but has been lying dormant for a while... but you never know when the urge to draw will strike. In the meantime, enjoy these offerings from a bygone age.

thumbnailAnimals, Vegetables & Minerals 1986-1996
A hundred cartoons from
The Bulletin and elsewhere
(not all suitable for kids)

thumbnailIt’s the Law 1996-2000
Fifty cartoons from the
Alternative Law Journal

thumbnailInternettin’ 2001-2003
A small selection about
this here web thing

thumbnailOn the Air 2000-2001
A dozen drawn for the
Australian Broadcasting Authority

thumbnailSix-Pack 2004
Half a dozen coldies
from the fridge

thumbnailRag Bag 1986-1999
Odds and ends, one-offs,
posters and graphics

thumbnailRalph 1986-1988
Undergraduate fun
from the ’80s

thumbnailAbout the Artist 1998