Hopped It

Tidbinbilla kangaroos, ACT, July 2015

Gunna visit the mob. Seeya.

10 February 2016 · Comment · Journal

Black Stars

Time for my personal verdict on David Bowie’s studio albums (and one or two honorary ones), after a month of re-listening, listening for the first time, and listening properly for the first time. Ratings are Rolling Stone-style, out of five stars. Anything given three stars or more I’d happily listen to again; four stars or more I’d listen to a lot. Two or two and a half, I’d listen to on a good day. I have no plans to listen to Tonight ever again, especially as its two decent songs are on Nothing Has Changed.

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A stab at a revamp of the archives page. A work in progress.

3 February 2016 · 3 Comments · Site News

A Ton of Feathers

Why Britain is mourning Terry Wogan.

Why the Republican establishment mistakenly thinks it can control Donald Trump.

The current Tory stance on human rights: “a much better absurdity than the alternative”.

And in other human rights news...

The Sinister History of the Belle and Sebastian Email List. Reminds me of something.

Tom Ewing on MP3s in 1999. “All a URL and thirty minutes wait away.”

2 February 2016 · Comment · Weblog

YouTube Stars

My Nottingham friends and I spent Saturday night showing each other amusing YouTube videos. All of my links were ones I’ve posted here before—Matt Mulholland, the “Dancing in the Streets” musicless video, Adam Buxton’s Bowie clips, the Jurassic Park theme on melodica—but some of theirs were new to me, and we uncovered some more good ones:

The Brett Domino Trio had somehow completely passed me by. Their cover of Sexy and I Know It gives a good idea of their stuff. Buck Rogers (by Feeder). Jurassic Park Theme (with Lyrics). Hey Ya! on a Skoog. What Would You Do (If a Shark Started Eating You). How to Make a Hit Pop Song, Pt. 1 and Pt. 2.

The wonderful world of shreds and musicless videos: The Beach Boys’ I Get Around; Queen’s We Will Rock You; Britney Spears’ Oops! I Did It Again.

And I don’t think I’ve ever linked this one here: Adam Buxton’s I Am James Bond.

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To Be Continued

My posting-every-day resolution may well fall at the thirtieth hurdle. I’m visiting friends over the weekend, and don’t want to spend our time together hovering over a keyboard. Queueing up posts in advance goes against the spirit of it, too. So... we’ll see.

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Here’s a Good World the While

Concept portable TV from 1967.

Who is so gross that cannot see this palpable device?

Bill McKibben on the Zika virus.

Werner Herzog has taken on the Internet.

Africa 2081 A.D.

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The Coming Swarm

A moment of Twitter synchronicity from yesterday.

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Australia Day

Koala at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, ACT, 7 July 2015.
Koala at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, ACT, July 2015. Mouseover for more fur.

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Burns Night

Hail, Poesie! thou Nymph reserv’d!
In chase o’ thee, what crowds hae swerv’d
Frae common sense, or sunk enerv’d
’Mang heaps o’ clavers:
And och! o’er aft thy joes hae starv’d,
’Mid a’ thy favours!

—Robert Burns, Poem on Pastoral Poetry (excerpt), 1791

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1/2 Cup Baking Soda 2 More Cups Flower

How to make an incredibly realistic watermelon cake.

24 January 2016 · Comment · Weblog

Holding Pattern

Nothing exciting to post today. There’s been a bit more design reworking going on behind the scenes, but mostly it’s another January weekend of catching up on marking.

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