Definitely Limericks: Gl-Go

The pestiferous stuff we call glitter
Is a hard-to-remove form of litter.
In seas, microplastic
Is far from fantastic
In the innards of many a critter.

There are things we were not meant to know!
Our design’s for the LORD to bestow.
Do not tinker with life!
We shall bring nought but strife
If we gene-splice! Begone, GMO!

The geneticist calmly explains,
“Our design has bestowed us with brains
And the means to create.
Wouldst thou modify fate,
That has shown us these limitless plains?”

“What’s GNU?” queried Linus, confused.
“GNU’s not Unix!” said Richard, enthused.
“So what is it?” asked Linus.
“Let not closed source confine us!”
“I’ll just build my own OS,” Linus mused.

GNU (pronounced like the animal), a recursive acronym for “GNU’s Not Unix!”, is a freely licensed collection of software based on the (closed-source) Unix operating system and other Unix software. As the GNU operating system kernel isn’t production-ready, GNU software is often used with the Linux kernel. This combination is commonly known as Linux or GNU/Linux: Linux founder Linus Torvalds favours the former, while GNU founder Richard Stallman favours the latter.

The fictional Linus here uses the coder’s pronunciation of “oss” for OS.

This verse you are reading is good.
Could it be even better? It could
-n’t. (Apart from that there
Enjambed line ending, where
Most would have a full stop, and I should.)

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