Definitely Limericks: Collaborations

Collaborative workshopping is an integral part of the OEDILF, and out of that process two writers often end up sharing credit on a particular piece. I’ve co-written quite a few this way. Here’s a selection of links to some good ’uns.

accuse with Chris J. Strolin
affrightful with mephistopheles
afloat with mino
African-American with Chris Doyle
ager with man from tashkent
Aglaia with Chris Doyle
albication with Dr. Alphabet
Almoravid with rbalexx
amberboa with John Weigel
amino with Chris Doyle
anagram with alan meyer
anamnesis with Meg Beagle
anti-environment with Chris Doyle
antinomy with PGS
antivivisectionist with Chuck Folkers
anyway with Tim Alborn
apologue with David Bourke
ardour with Qermaq
aseptic with mike scholtes
asseverate with Recumbentman
austere with kandabongo
avaunt with John Wellington Wells
bandog with S. A. McBurnie
balladist with Carl Lands
barbed wire with Dave Jermy
bedraggle with turnip
bowl with Chris Doyle
candy with Michael Redei
cattle with Chris Doyle
converse with mike scholtes
Crispin with SusanL
dromedary with Chris Young
ezod with PGS

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