The State of It

Mining has destroyed a renowned fossil site in China.

Anatomy of a Brexit power-grab. Can the Brexit clock be stopped? That’s even less likely now.

Facebook use is a predictor of depression.

Kaz Cooke remembers John Clarke. His death was terrible news—a great comedian, a great Australasian, and not a bad photographer of birds.

Bidding on the soul of Detroit.

West African migrants are being sold in Libyan slave markets.

Where are you really from?

The utter uselessness of job interviews.

Aim for a hundred rejections a year.

AI programs are mirroring our racial and gender biases.

A Canadian river just vanished in four days.

19 April 2017 · Comment

Driftwood Maps

Inuit cartography.


Freeze a jolly good icefloe.

The next pandemic. Vive la resistance.

How inner-city developments have killed Aussie rock.

Stephen Collins on vlogs.

What writers really do when they write.

Five ways to steal time to write.

The 50 best Britpop albums. I own at least two-thirds of ’em.

Why bargain travel sites may no longer be bargains.

How not to create traffic jams, pollution and urban sprawl.

A world without retirement.

Years you have left to live, probably.

10 April 2017 · Comment


A Trump- and Brexit-free assemblage of links.

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How the gains we make in AI could ultimately destroy us.

Limmy’s techno version of an old Fry’s Turkish Delight ad.

The archaeology of Rogue One.

The linguistic evolution of “like”.

Roadie wrap.

Redaction art.

The parts of a good apology and a bad one.

Scots have more words for rain than the Inuit have for snow.

The Gulf Stream is unstable.

Why are Dutch children the happiest in the world? We’re really good at judging parents.

Minesweeper tumbleweed.

Thanks to my blogless mate Paul for some of the above.

19 January 2017 · Comment

In With the New

And so we collapse into 2017, waiting to see just how dire the Trump administration will be, whether Brexit really will mean Brexit, and who next among the West’s democracies will follow Britain and the US down the road to nowhere. It’s enough to take the wind out of any little-read blog’s sails. I do have a few ideas about more substantial projects for coming months, but for the moment only a few links.

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