The Wiley, Windy Moors

It’s a big ol’ links round-up. Exasperating political stuff below the fold.

Idyllic old postcards of the Catskills are now scenes of abandonment.

How our pictures can help reclaim lost history.

Dutch masterpieces with mechanics.

The Netherlands feeds the world.

A collection of deliberately inconvenient objects.

The notorious “free watch”.

Shoegaze isn’t dead, it just moved east.

Aussie bloke sings “Wuthering Heights” in its original key. A Brazilian equivalent.

Morris the reversible fish.

These videos about EnChroma glasses are a study in bottled-up male emotion. It’s like watching Field of Dreams.

Questions for a plantation tour guide about slavery.

Analysis of 3 billion Reddit comments shows the alt-right coalescing.

In defense of the truth.

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Donald Trump is the first white president.

Russians have hacked dozens of US energy companies.

Plastic fibres are found in tap water around the world.

If we fail. On climate change and human futilitarianism.

The scientific papers that deny climate change are all flawed. The science of why we don’t believe science.

The British and their exceptionalism.

If eastern Europeans leave Britain after Brexit, what happens?

The EU withdrawal bill is nothing less than an executive coup.

Four things wrong with the government’s Brexit immigration plans.

This is the just the start of the Brexit attack on democracy.

Brexit’s “traitor” narrative. [Edit, 2/10/17:] “Split allegiances” from a man who purports to love London and England and Britain and was a dual UK/US citizen until last year. Which is it going to be, Boris? You can’t love the Tory party and Britain.

George Osborne’s revenge.

The political life is no life at all.

19 September 2017 · Weblog

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