Hopes and Fears

I couldn’t vote this morning as I usually try to, and have had a vague dread all day of being hit by a bus before I can get to the polling station this evening.

Despite my bitterness over the line Jeremy Corbyn has taken over Brexit, and being convinced in the early weeks that we’re doomed, I’ve found myself caught up in hope borne out of recent opinion polls and my Twitter bubble that he, and the decent Labour policies he brings with him, might get over the line, or over enough of a line to form a minority government, or something, anything. Anything other than the bumbling, evasive, heartless, smug authoritarianism of Theresa May and her party, which promises to ramp the past seven years up into an exponential curve of awful.

But we’re probably doomed.

Here are some links I’ve been neglecting to post here in the interim.

Theresa May’s vapid vision for a one-party state. The Brexit election: but what about Brexit? May bores Britain with empty answers. May and the art of negotiation. Britain is being led to an epic act of national self-harm over Brexit.

Britain’s complacency over Brexit will end in humiliation. The EU is preparing for the UK to leave. The hardest border. Brexit Britain can no longer be considered a serious country. The election won’t change Brexit one bit. How Eurovision caused Brexit. How our democracy was hijacked. What connects Brexit, the DUP, dark money and a Saudi prince? The most dangerous man in Britain.

A dangerous new era in British foreign policy.

May’s new internet. What it would cost, and why it won’t work anyway.

The great London property squeeze. “I wouldn’t talk about it, I was so ashamed.”

A compelling analysis of the Corbyn phenomenon. If ever there was a time to vote Labour, it is now. On the other hand... Diane Abbott is tougher than any one of you.

The hostile environment.

Farewell, UK.

The Magic Money Tree and a remix. Cassetteboy versus Theresa May.

​How to win an election in seven complex steps.

May could face criminal penalties and the loss of her parliamentary seat. Unfortunately, we’d still be stuck with the Tories.

8 June 2017 · Politics

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