Noodly Appendages

How did I miss the Ramen Burger? Here’s how to make your own, plus a selection of miscellaneous links (Trump/Brexit excluded, for the moment).

How climate myths spread online.

How wolves change rivers. How whales change climate.

A giant insect ecosystem is collapsing.

Why this isn’t the new normal for climate change.

The ocean could rise more, and faster, than we thought.

“The angry sea will kill us all.”

The world’s first negative-emissions plant has opened in Iceland.


Deckard is not a bloody replicant!


The cheap all-terrain wheelchair.

The terrible secret of Tom Bombadil.

The invention of Baileys.

A dad brings his son’s drawings to (virtual) life.

The state of being stuck.

Good Bones.


The new midlife crisis for women.

Two alternatives to boycotting Twitter that don’t rely on women’s silencing.

TV and film industry toxicity starts in the audition room.


We’re not living in a computer simulation.

Our minds can be hijacked.

The police state of the future is already here.

Police arrest time traveller from 2048 warning of coming alien invasion. Well, you never know.

28 October 2017 · Weblog

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