A Trump- and Brexit-free assemblage of links.

The AI threat isn’t Skynet, it’s the end of the middle class.

Radiation levels are soaring at Fukushima.

A crack in an Antarctic ice shelf grew 17 miles in December and January.

The only thing that’s curbed inequality is catastrophe.

How media fuels fear of terrorism.

Do glass batteries herald a Diamond Age?

The European green belt.

Here come the drums.


Ten Meter Tower.

The Lego bat moving.

40 years of 2000AD.

The Amasunzu.

A desperately urgent piece on Europe’s child refugee crisis that needs to be read by every MP. Liz Clegg is a hero.

Why facts don’t change our minds.

“We were worried the BBC would never call us again.”

15 March 2017 · Weblog

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