Hurricane Season

Another batch of links on politics and other miscellany.

The hurricane season scientists feared.

I can hardly bear collecting Trump-related links any more. His heartless response to the unfolding disaster in Puerto Rico is unconscionable.

A map of East Germany almost exactly coincides with areas of support for AfD. The map further down is also revealing: the places with the fewest immigrants registered the strongest support for AfD. Parallels with the Brexit vote. A recent episode of Panorama looked at a far right group in a town near Leipzig and how they have been received in the wider community there.

More parallels with the Brexit vote: How Russia helped AfD’s rise. David Cameron's role in helping AfD. Britain’s worst PM since Chamberlain, part XVII.

Brexit lies and how to fight them. Can Brexit Britain really become a global trader? Britain’s open, diverse culture made it better than ever.

David Yarrow’s wildlife photography.

The pitfalls of illustrating prehistoric creatures.

What will Australia do with its big things?

Zadie Smith: Getting in and out. (Get Out is fantastic, by the way.)

The 21st floor.

Brian and Charles.

I posted a couple of threads at Metafilter last month: one on Vidal Sassoon and his fellow anti-fascists and one on the hidden continent of Zealandia.

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