In With the New

And so we collapse into 2017, waiting to see just how dire the Trump administration will be, whether Brexit really will mean Brexit, and who next among the West’s democracies will follow Britain and the US down the road to nowhere. It’s enough to take the wind out of any little-read blog’s sails. I do have a few ideas about more substantial projects for coming months, but for the moment only a few links.

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Blind Man, a sequel to North by Northwest, starring Hugh Laurie, Rebecca Front and Peter Serafinowicz.

Was it based on a true true story?

Dizzying designs by Peter Kogler.

There are only seven thousand cheetahs left in the wild.

Another huge Antarctic iceberg is about to calve.

danah boyd and colleagues on the networked public sphere.

College life and the Internet, circa-2000.

Breathtaking lack-of-clueness.

Star Wars revoiced and remixed (2, 3, 4, 5) by Auralnauts is brilliant.

Two Google Home devices debate the existence of God.

Behind the scenes at Vote Leave.

The story of David Bowie’s secret final project.

10 January 2017 · Weblog

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