Tweet Nothings, Part 8

Hacking the date on a new post one last time, two days into 2011, for this final batch of 2010 Twitter archives. (Previously.)

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Friday’s Weather

Do you think it was a dry day
When Robinson met Friday?

Or perhaps it rained and blew so
When Friday first met Crusoe?

Still, whatever was the weather,
At least they were together.

14 November 2010

Rosehip Jelly

In our communal garden last weekend. Mouseover for more.

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Tweet Nothings, Part 7

You know the drill. More Twitter archiving (with some excluded), full of nothing in particular.

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That is the Question

To insist that we’re never to split
An infinitive makes you a git.
How does Hamlet’s line go?
“To go boldly”... no, no:
It’s “to be or to not be”, that’s it.

5 August 2010

Tweet Nothings, Part 6

Normal service—or whatever normal was before my life got insanely busy—will resume soon. Meanwhile, here’s more Twitter archiving (most course-related tweets excluded), starring the Digital Economy Bill, the general election, and more.

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The Trouble With The Trouble With Sloths

Among all the YouTube comments from young American males full of testosterone and ignorance abusing me for my non-American pronunciation in The Trouble With Sloths—ironic, given that it warns against exactly such abuse—a young Australian has challenged my claim that “sloath” is the only Aussie pronunciation (in response to a question about the British, who use both):

i live in australia and we all call them sloths not slowths, i’d never even heard anyone call it a slowth till i watched´╗┐ this video.

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Tweet Nothings, Part 5

More Twitter archiving (course-related tweets excluded). A retweet frenzy, thanks largely to the horrendous Digital Economy Bill.

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The Law of Gravity

The law of gravity
Was noticed by Newton
When, under an apple tree,
His noodle got fruit on.

10 February 2010

Whatever in 2009