Tweet Nothings, Part 7

You know the drill. More Twitter archiving (with some excluded), full of nothing in particular.

RT @GeneHunt: Has anyone heard my impression of an extractor fan? 'I used to love tractors'. §

RT @TechCrunch: Twitter To Begin Wrapping All Links With Official Link Shortener—by @jasonkincaid. §

RT @stalman: LimeWire owes $1B, but BP is only on the hook for $69M. Music sharing is 14.5x more damaging than a catastrophic oil spill (via @leolaporte). §

RT @AndyRileyish: 12 years on, and we are still no closer to discovering who let the dogs out. §

It's a good thing I don't walk past the Indian sweets shop every day, or I would turn orange from eating jalebi. §

Inspector Clouseau (1968) with Alan Arkin in the lead is surprisingly okay. Odd that it's such a victimof Pink-Pantherist revisionism. §

RT @universityboy: A good way to show that plagiarism is bad. /via @registrarism & many others. §

RT @tomewing: I wrote some stuff about blogging tone of voice and comments and how they relate. §

RT @glynmoody: Britain's BPI goes after Google with DMCA—could be fun. #google #dmca #bpi §

John Naughton, historian of the Internet, on its future (via @Glinner). §

@RealDMitchell: Round of applause for the gerbil gag on your animated preview. §

Finally got (some) travel insurance compensation for #volcano delays, 2 months after the event. Still waiting for airline refunds. §

RT @danielmaier: My inability to use emoticons correctly is really getting me down :) §

RT @CountCulture: I blogged: The open spending data that isn't #opendata #localgov This is important. Please RT. §

RT @glynmoody: MySpace UK Traffic Is Half What It Used To Be—that Rupert Murdoch really knows how to run a website... #myspace §

RT @drmabuse: I completely missed this post from Roger Ebert's blog, but this is an incredible letter from Jacques Tati's grandson. §

RT @rhodri: Red-faced, snarling American columnist goes mental at small children for not embracing the entrepreneurial spirit. §

EasyJet have finally come through with #volcano refunds, and even our food/accommodation request. Better than expected. §

RT @lmg: The Economist On The Decline Of Blogging. §

RT @sitcomgeek: Anyone who's ever tried to write or create something will identify with this superb pic. §

Daily Mail outraged because EU now requires us to use own eyes to tell whether cartons contain six eggs. And they're still implying that cartons will no longer contain 6 or 12 eggs, when all that's changing are the labels. Watching the birth of anti-EU rhetorical myths in real time is fascinating. § § §

¬°Goooooooooooooooooooooool! #worldcup §

@hamacleod: Not the same octopus that predicted Euro 2008? It's the octopus Doctor Who! §

RT @glynmoody: ex-president of IMMF, Peter Jenner, on digital content consumers—'digital world is pushing price of music towards 0'. §

RT @glynmoody: Recycled Island will be created from plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean— so insanely bonkers it's brilliant. #recycling §

So much of Australian politics in the mid-80s suddenly makes sense. #hawke #keating §

RT @timeshighered: A ruling that FoI laws require him to share unpublished data has shocked a researcher. §

RT @daraobriain: This is what Science is for. RT @IdlePete: please check out this important piece of research. § 'You may be interested in: The Prince, by Niccolo Machiavelli...' §

@aknock: Tell everyone 'that's not a bug, it's a feature'. §

The Facebook movie is directed by David Fincher, oh yes. §

@queens_hall:—now available on Blu-Ray to hear every last detail! §

@katstevens: So many possibilities. 'Wind Beneath My Wings' by Bette Midler has to be right up (down) there. §

@katstevens: Also 'Kokomo' by the Beach Boys. §

Love that I live somewhere I can think 'The purple cow's going up. That time of year again.' §

RT @Glinner: Fascinating letter from a screenwriter on why UK doesn't have a film industry. (via @filmtopia) §

RT @xenijardin: Watch this + your Friday will be excellent. The Markets of Britain, by @robertpopper & @serafinowicz. §

@Glinner: Moss climbing out of the witness box was a wonderful moment. Tears in the eyes stuff. #itcrowd § §

Right, time to chuck this Twitter thing into overdrive and go Follow Crazy. §

Surprisingly random, the people who are/aren't here. I expected to find a lot more old skool bloggers here, but looks like a lot are too kool for skool. Still, it's better a better strike rate than for published non-fiction authors. 1.5m followers for @stevenbjohnson but only 127 for @JamesGleick? (128 now!) § § § §

Stopping now. As long as I keep the number I'm following below the number who follow me, the world stays in balance. #superstition §

I wonder why I expect my favourite long-form and medium-form writers to spend their time here. (Was about to write 'waste'.) §

RT @queens_hall: 'Forget Kanye, here's music's best new Twitter feed' The Independent pile the praise on the chucklesome @Discographies. §

@JamesGleick: No harm being an occasional tweeter; as an admirer of your work, I'm just glad to see you here & surprised so few have realized. §

RT @drmabuse: This incredible (and dead accurate) Richard Morgan essay on freelancing is a must read. (via @sarahw) §

@Discographies: How about some '90s UK Indie/Britpop: Blur, Suede, Spiritualized, Pulp, Ride, Oasis, Stone Roses... §

@aknock: A stickler? §

RT @MitchBenn: #18thcenturyinternet You have been POK'd, sir. And None shall ignore a POKE. §

So will Google do a No Evil option for an extra ten bucks a month? #NetNeutrality §

@Aiannucci, @charltonbrooker: Screened past midnight, mid-week, mid-summer, on a digital-only channel: that's some burying! Good ep, btw. §

Don't know how anyone could hear 'Rococo' followed by 'Empty Room' and say that The Suburbs is a dud #ArcadeFire album, and yet some are. 'Rococo' is one of those songs on the iPod that turns the world into a movie, making every passing stranger and car seem oddly meaningful. § §

RT @timeshighered: Myths dispelled about the academic publishing process and advice on getting into the good books. §

Donald Duck and Gyro Gearloose beat Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Nolan by eight years. #inception §

So Triceratops was a juvenile form. Explains why it's every 8yo's fave. Possible next juvenile form: T. rex's arms? §

Silly how 'Torosaurus will be reclassified as Triceratops' is being interpreted & reported as 'Triceratops never existed'. §

My tenth Edinburgh summer, and the midges have descended from the hills into the city itself for the first time. Climate change bites. §

RT @jonronson: True fact. The That's Life researcher who found and filmed the dog that says sausages is Adam Curtis. §

What, now the Oz parlt is hung too? But Labor avoided the recession! The tired old govt was the Liberal one in 2007! And Abbott is a right w §

@Glinner: For a moment I thought you were RTing those stories about Helium reserves. §

@jonronson: Ryanair are pushing the boat out? I've heard of replacement buses for trains, but this is ridiculous. §

31 August 2010 · Whatever