Tweet Nothings, Part 8

Hacking the date on a new post one last time, two days into 2011, for this final batch of 2010 Twitter archives. (Previously.)

On a #Sufjan Stevens kick. Fab new track ‘I Walked’ for free and EP for US$5 (many formats). §

Wow, bandcamp is great. One price for mp3, Ogg, FLAC, ALAC, & whole preview streams: this is how digital music sales should be done. §

Idioteque on the ukulele! §

RT @stevenpoole: Excellent (and depressing) piece on editors in publishing §

Oh no, poor #Christchurch, a great place which once was home for a while. We still have an EQC magnet on our fridge. §

Massive 7.4 quake hits South Island §

The older part of central #Christchurch sounds the worst off. Terribly sad, rebuilding will change its character dramatically. §

Not looking good for #Christchurch: 1, 2, 3, 4 #chch §

RT @marklincoln: Few photos from me and a (very!) short video on the Christchurch earthquake damage §

Incredible pics of the Avon in #Christchurch in that link I just RT’d. §

RT @MichaelJeans: Christchurch NZ earthquake ctd.—Photographs §

@globaljen Thanks Jen, I hope they are too. No deaths reported, but with all the shaky chimneys and walls around, aftershocks are a worry. §

@funkwit Listened to the whole thing today on a train, terrific stuff. Gotta love an EP that’s an hour long! Will the album be five? §

RT @Antwaanmusic if you like ukulele, my video should interest you §

@Antwaanmusic You were right! §

Most destructive NZ quake since 1931, $bns in damage. The impact on people’s lives in #Christchurch will be huge. §

7.1 earthquake photos #Christchurch §

RT @gknauss: Had to explain to the 10-year-old that by rewinding the camcorder tape and recording a few minutes, he didn’t ‘delete the whole file.’ §

Let us pause and consider the satisfying date that we in Britain and Australasia can write in numeric, abbreviated form today: 8/9/10. §

RT @globaljen: @speedysnail sadly I was up at 06:07 on 08/09/10 ;) §

Uni of Canterbury, #Christchurch—imagine if that library had been full of students §

Video games lead to faster decisions that are no less accurate #mscel §

RT @bengoldacre: Epic column in the Irish Times: deserves a place in nerd history §

V. enjoyable Tas Uni alumni dinner last night. Met a 1940s Togatus editor and other fine folk, all sharing memories of other side of world. §

Turns out my brother-in-law was actually IN #Christchurch during the earthquake. Scary as, bro! That’s a holiday he won’t forget in a hurry. §

RT @bengoldacre: The coming brain drain, and why it could be worse than before §

RT @RottenTomatoes: The Social Network debuts at 100%, with critical comparisons to Citizen Kane and The Godfather. §

RT @serafinowicz: You snooze, you lose. But at least you’ve had a snooze. §

RT @MrJamesBachman: Behind the scenes on the selection process for The Apprentice §

RT @TheOnion: 97-Year-Old Dies Unaware Of Being Violin Prodigy §

Sometimes it’s best not to be too cutting-edge. A cutlet of edge, perhaps. §

RT @gnat: ‘When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When life hands you marmots, make marmalade.’—W (11) §

RT @raharris: Sign the petition to stop government selling off more than half national forests to private firms §

RT @glynmoody: Access to Knowledge in the Age of Intellectual Property 2010—free ebook: I’ve skimmed this—looks really good #a2k §

RT @bengoldacre: Where climate myths come from: great stuff §

Greg Lastowka’s new book about virtual world law, free under CC license: (via @grimmelm) #eps2010 §

Google’s CEO & colleague on The Digital Disruption: Connectivity & the Diffusion of Power #eps2010 §

Copyright Law, Getting in the Way of Getting Copyrighted Works #eps2010 §

The open access advantage #eps2010 §

Hacktivism and hackerspaces #eps2010 (via @newsbrooke) §

Copyright: what do we want it to do? #eps2010 (via @lilianedwards) §

Open content and the costs of e-learning #mscel #eps2010 #idel2010 (via @lilianedwards) §

At the UoE graduation in SL—congratulations to all our #mscel and MTD graduates. #edslgrad §

It’s all gone Scandinavian... §

RT @atl: Over the weekend, @TomCoates had a rant on the pointsification of social media. He should’ve blogged it, but it’s here §

The year of travel delays. No flight, so 3 trains and 2 days to get from Edinburgh to Geneva. §

Hoping the weather at Geneva and Edinburgh airports aligns next Monday so I don’t have to do last week’s overland marathon in reverse. §

RT @glynmoody: The inhumane detention conditions of Bradley Manning. NB: has dual UK-US nationality: UK gov should act #torture §

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