I was going to redo the 2011 blog templates more dramatically, but decided I’m not done with these ones yet, hence the wintry banner above. Better to spend my time putting together a gallery of photos from Britain’s coldest December on record; and one from Switzerland, and from our ash-affected trip to Spain in April, and the long trip to Australia last Christmas, and I think there are still some of the Highlands from 2008 that I always meant to post, and... I’m doomed.

But my new year’s resolution was to write more, here, there and everywhere, so it may yet happen. Posting photos is a kind of writing, isn’t it?

5 January 2011 · Site News

By the way, another of my resolutions is to leave comments on by default this year, unless I have a compelling reason not to. My posting was so erratic over the past few years that I left them off most of the time, out of embarrassment at how both my posts and others' comments had dried up. But that's no way to run a blog these days. So, hello again, how's it going?

Added by Rory on 6 January 2011.

Well, hello!

I have posted sporadically (that's the kindest way I can put it) during 2010 too. It's been a somewhat puzzling year and I don't write well about things until I feel I can see the shape of the way they're going...

On the other hand, we are expecting a baby so some of 2011 is mapped out (if all goes to plan...) We'll see if that helps!

Added by K on 21 January 2011.

Hello K! Oh no, my MT installation isn't emailing me new comments again, so I missed yours until now. Congratulations on your news—very exciting for you.

Hmm, my plan to post more is really going well, isn't it...

Added by Rory on 4 February 2011.