Tweet Nothings, Part 4

Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep redux. (Seminar tweets excluded.)

Wow, upgrading from MT3.16 with BerkeleyDB to 4.31 with MySQL wasn’t as painful as I feared. Assuming the templates all still work... §

Re the surprising smoothness of my Movable Type upgrade: I spoke too soon. It’s the annoying little glitches that suck up the hours. §

Saw District 9 at @cameocinema last night—a prawn cocktail of SF-action tastiness. Best in the genre since The Matrix, if not the 1980s. I love that it was set in a city where Hollywood would never ordinarily set SF. Would have been much duller in NYC etc. § §

Yo ho ho and a folder of mp3s... it’s Talk Like a #PirateDay! §

RT @plasticbagUK: A quickly assembled Flickr Gallery of the Sydney Dust Storm. [It’s Red Sails in the Sunset!] §

Gimme, gimme, gimme: even if you aren’t much of an ABBA fan, 15 quid for their entire back-catalogue is amazing. Puts the price of the Beatles box sets in perspective. § §

iSnack 2.0? Just call it Cheezymite, ya nongs. §

Relieved to hear that a relative is in Java on holiday, not Sumatra as we had first heard. The mounting death toll is awful either way... §

@bengoldacre: WW2 was more mobile, with more room for ducking & diving. WW1 was stuck in the trenches. Note the part of WW1 that does evoke derring do: fighter pilots who weren’t stuck in the trenches. § §

Reminding myself how great Kate Bush’s Aerial is. Disc 1 is very good; disc 2 is stunning. §

Somali pirates aren’t what you think. §

Loving Easy Peasy 1.5 on the Acer Aspire One. Forget all the hacking to make Linpus tolerable, just use this. §

RT @overlongtwitterusernamewhichisapaininthebacksidetofitintoonehundredandfortycharacterretweetsandbreakspagelayouts: Hello. §

So long, in fact, that it breaks my little joke. §

I don’t normally have NASA photos as desktops, but this is irresistible: dust trails on Mars (via @Glinner). §

#JanMoir complains about ‘a roaring ball of hate fire’. What a great potential name for a blog! §

Music biz announces an explosion in the UK singles market yet blames P2P for preventing the market from exploding §

Staggering how quickly CD singles have declined in the home of the double- and triple-single rip-off; down 90%+ in 5 years. [Nelson laugh.] §

Having trouble adding/removing software in Easy Peasy 1.5? The fix is in. §

‘Farewell to the casual music fan’—provocative post from @fingertipsmusic about the future of music. §

Workmen have hung a big grey Jackson Pollock-esque painting near my office. Now it’s overcast inside and out. §

If I friended a guy I’d befriended, but didn’t like having friend friends as friends and unfriended him, would we still be friends? §

Bureaucratic form-filling: Sword of Damocles, Procrustean Bed and Sisyphean Task, all in one. §

‘Unelected, twice-fired business secretary Lord Mandelson’ is a great lede. §

Mandelson thinks he can magic up billions with a copyright crackdown, and Labour are desperate for a rabbit. Paging @DerrenBrown... #webwar §

Film industry not dead: contribution to UK GDP 1995-2007—box office was much LESS before 2001. #webwar §

More ‘damage’: music, videos, pay TV, games worth £6.6bn in UK in 2000, £11.9bn in 2008. Music down, others up. #webwar §

24 November 2009 · Whatever