Tweet Nothings, Part 5

More Twitter archiving (course-related tweets excluded). A retweet frenzy, thanks largely to the horrendous Digital Economy Bill.

Proud to be part of #edslgrad on the RL side... congratulations @flittleton, @waterboyzoo, @ammienoot, and our virtual MScEL graduates! §

And great to see so many MTD graduates today, too. §

Loathsome #DailyMail hackery critiqued (via @Glinner). They’d like immigrants to give birth on the street, presumably. §

RT @tomewing: The Origin Of Big (why whales are SO ENORMOUS) §

Approaching the Zen moment when all the work I took with me on holiday is more or less done, just as the holiday is. Relaxation singularity. §

Today’s #DIY_tip: to repair minor chips and holes, brush your teeth with grout. §

Won’t be much happening on the blog front anytime soon - catching up on everything after six weeks out of the country takes a while. §

RT @guardiantech: Google shuts down music blogs without warning §

So, academics are set in aspic. Unlike Mandelson’s views on the Internet. #mandelfail §

2-year degrees are in no sense inferior to 3-year, says #Mandelfail. So 8 years of schooling should also be >= 12 years? §

It’s the deft rhetoric that makes him such a charmer. #mandelfail §

RT @serafinowicz: Saddest cookbook ever :( §

RT @bengoldacre: sign here sir that’s right free naked ladies and chocolates for all here’s a pen §

RT @tomewing: ‘The average voter reckons that four out of ten teenagers have children’ [Superb Economist ‘broken britain’ debunking] §

@tomewing: It’s been (over)used to describe the work of @charltonbrooker §

RT @simonowens: A Call for a Moratorium on Cranky Old Writers Complaining about the Internet §

How much appalling last-minute legislation can one dying government push through? (and it’s our old chum #mandelfail) §

If you infringe publishers’ copyright, you lose your net connection; if they infringe yours, you lose your moral rights. #mandelfail §

@Glinner: Pity those of us whose MP is also Chancellor of the Exchequer. Imagine all the polite letters he must get. #mandelfail §

Lovely new icon watermark courtesy of the House of #Mandelfail. §

RT @serafinowicz: Can’t remember anything about my trip to Mumbai. Maybe I have Indonesia §

RT @drmabuse: Laaaaaaaaaaaaaa la la laaaaaaaaaaaa la la la la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa §

RT @glynwintle: the Digital Economy Bill effectively ‘outlaw[s] open Wi-Fi for small businesses’ [unis too] #debill §

RT @glynwintle: Lord Whitty: Bad politics and business to alienate an entire generation #debill §

RT @glynwintle: Lord Puttnam: Pre legislative scrutiny is essential. This bill has suffered horribly from lack of any. Bad bill #debill §

Took a year, but I’m really digging No Line On the Horizon. The Edge is all over it. U2’s best since Zooropa? §

RT @OpenRightsGroup: Confirmed: #DEBill now has web blocking due to LibDem / Tory amends. Take action now §

RT @glynwintle: RT @guardiantech likely to be pushed through before election #DEBill §

RT @glynwintle: More legal review of 120a this time by Francis Davey #debill §

Hmm, all I seem to do with Twitter lately is re-tweet. Just another links blog... §

@tomewing: Tough call. Too many incredible things. Guess I’d have to say the Jewish Museum. §

RT @tomcoates: The BPI are drafting legislation now? #debill §

RT @toddalcott: The first rule of Mime Club is: You don’t talk about Mime Club. §

@tomewing: DiaryLand gone too, by the looks of it. Both registered on 9 March 1999. Proto-blogging’s Alderaan moment... §

@tomewing: Search Twitter ‘diaryland’ for some choice screams of anguish. The DNS changes must not have spread everywhere yet. §

RT @glynwintle: Digital Economy Bill 3rd Reading See Lord Whitty telling the lords off #debill §

RT @libcon: Would the actions of the Digital Economy Bill be tolerated ‘offline’? §

RT @megpickard: If you haven’t read this lovely 1999 Douglas Adams piece about the internet, interactivity & entertainment, you should §

RT @queens_hall: ‘Use Wood Glue to Clean and Restore Old LPs’ Lifehacker’s advice. We’re not brave enough to try - are you? §

22 March 2010 · Net Culture