After leaving Canberra in 1997 to live and work briefly in New Zealand, travel to North America, Europe and Singapore, and spend a few months in Tasmania looking for work, J. and I ended up… back in Canberra, where we spent the next two years.

ACT 1991-99

In that time, we made further visits to Sydney and to the Snowy Mountains, and saw more of inland New South Wales. In Sydney, we saw Government House and the beaches of Cronulla and Maroubra…

Sydney 1988-2000

In the Snowys, we went cross-country skiing on the Crackenback Ridge at Thredbo, visited the Snowy Mountains Dam, went camping near the Yarrangobilly Caves, and took in the 1999 Xtreme Winter Games…

Snowy Mountains

And in Easter 2000, we headed inland to Wagga and surrounds to camp at Cocoparra National Park, see the 16th Narrandera Hot Rod Rally, watch pie- and pavlova-eating competitions at the Griffith Food & Wine Festival, and make our way back via Grong Grong, detouring there purely on the basis of its name.

Inland NSW & ACT 1999-2000

It wasn’t a bad couple of years—not least because it was when I started making webpages, and then a website, of my own. In May 2000 I launched my first weblog, Seven Weeks to Madagascar, which feels quite a bit different from how this one has ended up, but is connected to today’s by a string of hundreds (thousands?) of posts.

My photos of Madagascar, South Africa, and Thailand from that year will need to wait, and I’ve already covered London, but there’s one more instalment of 2000 that I might as well include here…

San Francisco 2000

This second San Francisco gallery contains photos from the time I wrote about in my second blog, Walking West, with guest appearances by the Seybold 2000 Conference, the Pyra offices (home of Blogger), and the New York Yankees and Oakland A’s.

21 October 2023 · Memory