After leaving Canberra in 1997 to live and work briefly in New Zealand, travel to North America, Europe and Singapore, and spend a few months in Tasmania looking for work, J. and I ended up… back in Canberra, where we spent the next two years.

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21 October 2023

World Wira

Continuing my sweep through past photos, here are two trips to the Malay Peninsula in 1998. The first was a stop in Singapore on our way back to Australia from Europe, to visit my brother and sister-in-law, who had moved there from Hong Kong a year or so before. It was our first sight of its glittering skyscrapers and overly orderly lifestyle, and a chance to sample ais kacang (tasty) and durian (not to my taste). While we were there we took in the Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo and the Botanic Gardens, most of which we would revisit in later years. We also caught some of the Thaipusam festival, in which Hindu devotees wore elaborate wire frames hoisted on their shoulders and attached to skewers pierced through their bodies.

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21 October 2023


On my thirtieth birthday I was up in the air, in more ways than one: between jobs, between homes, and flying between North America and Europe, on the next leg of our round-the-world trip that began in New Zealand and moved on to California, the Pacific Northwest and Alberta. J. and I landed in Stockholm in the final hours of my birthday, in the middle of the Northern winter, to stay for a few days with friends from my Ph.D. days.

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7 October 2023

Granite City

Aberdeen 2002

This gallery was a long time coming. I mentioned the occasion in passing at the time—a work trip for a meeting, with a couple of hours wandering around the city afterwards before catching the train back—but never did anything with my photos. Here they are, then, with some selective desaturation to highlight the greyness of the place on that overcast day, and with a short mp3 of the local soundtrack taken from videos recorded on the Canon Ixus (click on the seagull on the front page to hear it). I’d been there before and have passed through since, but haven’t been back in years, so this is as complete a representation of Aberdeen as I’ll manage for a while.

1 May 2023

London Sounds

London 2023

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30 April 2023

Back Home, Back Then

My slow chronological march through old scanned negatives got held up last year by my not being in the right frame of mind to write about them, meaning that there’s been a backlog for months of several galleries at Detail awaiting their announcement here. Time to break the impasse by tackling them out of chronological order, starting with some updates and additions to my galleries of 1990s Tasmania.

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30 April 2023

Flying High

I have a few galleries at Detail I have yet to write about here, but before I get to those, here’s a collection of photos from the National Museum of Flight at East Fortune Airfield east of Edinburgh, where we used to take the kids when they were little (and once went to an airshow). It’s the resting place of Concorde, which features in half of these shots, taken between 2011 and 2019.


19 March 2023

Melbourne, Then and Now

Melbourne 1991-2001
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4 February 2023


Time to wind back the clock again to pick up the thread of our trip around the world that started in New Zealand in 1997. At the end of November that year we flew out of Auckland to Honolulu for a brief stroll along Waikiki Beach, and then on to San Francisco, to start a trip up the west coast to Canada to reach Alberta by Christmas.

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5 August 2022

The Kingdom of the Gaels

I first visited Argyll, the heart of the ancient kingdom of Dál Riata, in 1992 with my parents, but got to know it better after J. and I moved to Edinburgh in 2001. Over the next few years we took a few different visiting relatives there, and in between the inevitable family photos I took quite a few of the surroundings, only some of which have appeared before on this site. Two decades on, I’ve gathered them together to make a more substantial gallery, divided into four sections.

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22 June 2022