Old Hobart Town

The slow march through my old 35mm negatives continues, and has yielded a few more galleries for Detail of Tasmania in the mid-1990s.

Hobart 1993-97

Hobart gathers, at last, my first photos of the city where I was born, taken through successive visits home while I was studying and working in Canberra. Starting with the view from Mt Wellington, now known as kunanyi, it moves into the old colonial heart of the city, down to the docks and Salamanca Place, onto the Derwent River for a cruise on the Lady Nelson, to the top of Mount Nelson and the house where I lived as a small child, before finishing with my alma mater’s Sandy Bay campus. There’s far too much to say about all of these places, and if I wait until I have time to say it I’ll never post this gallery, so here it is.

Tasmania's South

In a similar vein is a gallery of places within a few hours’ travel of Huonville, the town I grew up in. So far, South features Six-Inch Beach, Snug Falls, and Cockle Creek, but when my scanning reaches the end of the 1990s I’ll add a few more locations within reach of the Huon.

Bruny Island 1996

One such location is Bruny Island, which I visited again a few years ago with my folks. These 1996 photos share some views and locations with that more recent visit, but you can see the passage of time (in reverse) in some of them. We visited Bruny twice that year: the first visit, when I was down in Tassie in winter to do a few weeks’ work for my old supervisor, was cut short when Dad slipped on some rocks and dislocated his elbow, so we made a second attempt after Christmas with J. and her young sister. Between them we saw most of the island, including its native hens, fairy penguins, grass trees and unsurpassed beaches.

28 November 2021 · Memory