The Long View

I’ve finally started tinkering with the photos from some recent trips, to turn them into galleries and maybe even write a bit about them, if I can get my prose-writing wheels turning again. I’ve added the first fruits to an old gallery of panoramas, starting with the Mountains of Mourne—so, yes, the trips were to Northern Ireland and to Shetland, two places I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to but am very glad I did. [Edit, 29 October: The Shetland panoramas now have their own gallery.] [Further edit, April 2019: The Mountains of Mourne have now been moved as well.]

Which reminds me that I have other unstitched panoramas in my photo archives I should do something with. And sets of photos of whole other trips. And old prints and negatives I should scan. And a list of unwritten blog posts as long as Armagh. Time for another reboot, perhaps.

14 August 2013 · Site News