Crash Through or Crash

So, my new year’s resolution was to post here at least once a day throughout 2012, to force myself back into the blogging groove. Maybe I can recapture some of the glories of 2000-2006, or maybe it’ll all be drivel, but at least the place will start breathing again. Tweeting doesn’t count; and after I’ve updated it for December 2011, I’m shelving the Feed again so that I resist the temptation to let other people’s links do the talking.

This first post is just to test that my blogging templates can handle the transition to 2012. I haven’t decided how to reinvigorate the banners yet, but last year’s default will do for now.

Oh, and I’m aiming for a 274-word average a day, so there’s already some catching up to do (this entry is only 138).

1 January 2012 · Site News

I'm mulling over the idea of blogging again. Nothing definite yet. I figure I'm better off setting my resolutions when I'm back into normal working weeks. One becomes too optimistic about available time during holidays.

If I do, I'll use and set myself a words per week target. I found it's helped me stick to my exercise and weight goals.

Added by Virge on 2 January 2012.

That would be great, Virge; I always like your posts. I’ve decided that I can’t worry about normal working weeks any more; that was my excuse to myself these past few years (particularly last year—more of which anon, no doubt), but if I’m being honest there usually is enough time to bash out a few paragraphs if I force myself, especially if I cut back on my Twitter- and Metafilter-reading a bit. I know full well that once I get started the writing will start to flow. So I’m forcing myself until it no longer feels forced.

By the way, the reason for that arbitrary-looking target is that 274 x 366 > 100,000.

Added by Rory on 2 January 2012.