You’ll Laugh, You’ll Cry

Xerox copiers randomly alter numbers in scanned documents. There’s one of these outside my office.

Are universities collecting too much information?

Bruce Sterling on Snowden, Assange and Manning. Partial rejoinder at Boing Boing.

How copyright made mid-century books vanish.

How a single mutation expanded (some of) humanity’s diet.

Exquisitely Weird Spiders.

The Alan Partridge Player for iPhone. The new movie is classic Alan.

Doctor Two. Great clip from a show that gets better and better.

The marvellous Claudia O’Doherty: What is England? What is Jack the Ripper? What is Time?

44 Mortifying Autocorrect Blunders. Funniest thing I’ve seen online in ages.

One Second to the Next. A devastating documentary by Werner Herzog.

11 August 2013 · Weblog