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Sometimes the unfortunate juxtapositions just leap out at you.

2 May 2007

The Greatest Show On At 3 A.M.

Given my longstanding fondness for hacking movie titles, I couldn’t resist this concept when I heard it: changing titles to make them “humorously bathetic” (a.k.a. Honey, I Shrunk the Impact). Already mine span the decades...

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Tikegami II: Flying High

By a complete lack of demand, we proudly present this sequel to the Ancient Art of Tikegami: the Modern Art of Ticket Aeroplanes!

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Someone Alert the Capitol

Gateau de Terroir

11 February 2007

Science and Religion

“Claire’s picking us up after the end of Mass.”

“When’s the end of Mass?”

“Around 11.30.”

“Mass is going to end at 11.30? The entire universe will dissolve! Everything will explode in a ball of energy divided by the speed of light squared!”

27 January 2007

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