The Greatest Show On At 3 A.M.

Given my longstanding fondness for hacking movie titles, I couldn’t resist this concept when I heard it: changing titles to make them “humorously bathetic” (a.k.a. Honey, I Shrunk the Impact). Already mine span the decades...


For Whom the Bridge Tolls
Singin’ in the Shower
To Catch a Cold
On the Waterslide
Yo, Jimbo
Some Like it 21°C


Dr Strangelisp
Easy Loafer
An Orange Clock
Apocalypse Eventually
Kramer Loves Kramer
Stair Wars


The Umpire Strikes Out
Return of the Red-Eye
Aging Bull
Tootsie Roll
Rimbaud: First Draft Part II
Back to the Futon
Litigator II: Court Adjourned
Three Men in a Taxi
Four Funerals and a Wedding
Fishin’ Impossible
The Cardtrix
The Fan-Club Menace


Amtrak of the Clones
Revenge of the Spliff
The Fellowship Never Ring
The CD Towers
The Return of the DVD
Ice Box: The Meltdown
Hire Rates of the Caribbean
Dude, Where’s My Car Keys?

This one could run and run.

6 March 2007 · Whatever

Some more-recent candidates...

Pan’s Pipes
The Content Gardener
House of Flying Ducks
Gangs of York
An Inconvenient Parking Space
The Lost Kilt of Scotland
Who Killed the Electric Toothbrush?
V for Venn Diagram
Snacks on a Plane

Added by Rory on 6 March 2007.

Some for the kiddies...

Charlie and the Chocolate Wrapper
101 Doll Motions
Doctor, Do Little
Mary Pops In
Chitty Chitty Chitty Chitty

Added by Rory on 7 March 2007.

The Lashin' of the Christ

Added by BT on 8 March 2007.

Dunno, Bill, lashin’ sounds a bit too exciting to me. Splashin’, on the other hand... (Nope, that doesn’t work either. Still in bad porn title territory.)

Added by Rory on 8 March 2007.

Undeniably true: gardeners do tend to be content; the Fellowship never do ring. And so forth.

I like "Snacks on a Plane"... and I'm going to see "Warm Fuzz" at the weekend. (Which sounds much more like my kind of film, actually. I'm worried it's going to be overly bloody.)

Added by K on 8 March 2007.

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