Tikegami II: Flying High

By a complete lack of demand, we proudly present this sequel to the Ancient Art of Tikegami: the Modern Art of Ticket Aeroplanes!

Figures 1 + 2

1. Flatten ticket after choosing a particularly aerodynamic one.

2. Fold in half, halfway along its length.

Figures 3 + 4

3. Valley-fold in half lengthwise.

4. Fold in the two corners at the creased end to meet the centre line.

Figures 5 + 6

5. A tricky step. Fold back the two halves from the point where the last two folds meet, so that the edges line up along the bottom.

6. Now fold the back of the wings down so that their edges also line up with the bottom and crease flat. Open out and shape ticket to form your Elite Jet Fighter.

Figure 7

7. Fold more elite jet fighters and pitch them against one another in battle.

Figures 8 + 9

8. Peeeowwwww, ackackackack.

9. Aaahhhh, I’m hit!

Figure 10

10. Leave the smoking ruins outside. There’s no smoking on the bus.

4 March 2007 · Whatever

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