Behind the Eightball

Whoops. Unlike every anniversary since the third, I forgot to mention that this site turned eight years old yesterday. But today’s an anniversary too: it’s six years since we moved to Edinburgh. Maybe I’ll get my act together next month to write more about that, but I’ve missed my chance for yet another evening. After three hours of soothing the boy, the siren song of the DVD was too strong.

31 July 2007 ·

Know Your Elephants

Sad news for lovers of extremely short podcasts: there are no more elephants for the time being. For a limited time, though, you can download the entire collection in one zip file if you’d like to listen to all twelve minutes in one hit. It’s fauna-tastic!

29 July 2007

Know Your Elephants

As if there weren’t enough going on around here right now, just before William arrived I put everything in place for a brand new feature of this site: the Know Your Elephants podcast. Over the next few months there will be a new audio poem every week for you to download, collect and/or discard, along the lines of the videos you may already have seen. Drawn from the extensive Speedysnail archive of silly animal poetry (with several you won’t have read or heard before), these were recorded by yours truly in April and November last year with production help from a friend. When I have enough I have bigger plans for them, but figure hey, why not share what’s there now? Plus it means there’ll be something new here every week even when blog posts are scarce. Hope you enjoy them.

3 April 2007

Waiting for Godot

No, that isn’t the baby’s official name, but it’s what it feels like when you’re at 39 and a half weeks with 0 to 2 to go. Not that I’m the one feeling it the most, obviously. But it’s been hard to concentrate on much else...

Read More · 18 March 2007

The Best-Laid Schemes

One of the many things I’ve been thinking I should finish before a small person starts demanding my attention is the political theory area I launched three years ago. At that time I thought it was worth waiting in case I wanted to try and publish some of the later essays in actual journals. Three years on, two of the possible candidates are now seventeen years old instead of fourteen, and I have to admit to myself that it just isn’t going to happen. Not just because I have more important stuff to try and publish right now, but because these, although also important (at least in terms of my own intellectual development), would need serious time and effort to find out what others have said about their subjects in the intervening seventeen years. I don’t have that time; given competing demands, I may never have that time—and what use is waiting until I’m sixty-five before publishing the thoughts of a 22-year-old?

Read More · 18 March 2007

Fever Dream

Ordinarily I would kick off a new year’s new design with a post a bit more polished than this one, but I’ve spent the last four days in the grip of a viral poltergeist running around my body kicking over the furniture and cranking all the heaters up, and the delirious ravings of a fevered mind really belong in a national newspaper rather than a respectable venue like this. Even when I put in some effort these posts are never much more than placeholders before the serious timewasting begins, so I may as well just get the baby snail up and be done with it. (Baby snail from the blackberry crop, by the way.) Sorry I had to switch off all the December comments to make way for this. If you didn’t have the chance before, feel free to use this entry’s comments to berate me for my lack of taste in those end-of-year lists.

6 January 2007 ·

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