I already spent my anniversary credits on the blogging birthday, but there must be a few in reserve for today: it’s six years since Speedysnail was launched.

Last year’s anniversary post was pretty spartan, and I was planning to explain why with this one. But after reading about nosey search committees and employers I don’t feel like laying it all out here. Let’s just say that job insecurity sucks, and reaches its suckery tentacles into every corner of your soul, sucking it down into a slurping pit of suckage. Even though there have been less-sucky periods.

Things finally seem to be turning the corner, though. Paradoxically, this will mean even less posting than usual, because for the next couple of months I’m suddenly going to be insanely busy. I was tempted to hang up the ol’ Gone Fishin’ sign, but you never know: a link here, a pointless post about ticket-folding there...

Most of my creative stuff has been happening offsite for a while, actually, and I’ll be trying not to lose momentum there. And although the Fringe is almost upon us, I won’t be posting reviews here this time. So who knows what will be here in August and September. I sure don’t. Here, have some cake.

30 July 2005 · Site News