Poems for big kids by Rory Ewins

Know Your Elephants was a weekly podcast of silly animal poems for kids and kids-at-heart, with new instalments posted throughout spring and summer of 2007—and they’re all still available. Plug the RSS feed into your favourite podcatcher, or download every instalment here...


Past Elephants

The MAMMOTH, 28-07-2007 (1.05 MB)
His name demands capital letters!

Our Friend the Vulture, 20-07-2007 (0.61 MB)
...is a picky bird.

Fruits de Mer, 14-07-2007 (0.27 MB)
The sperm whale dines down in the deep...

The Carefree Life of Cavia cobaya, 08-07-2007 (0.11 MB)
A lengthy treatise.

Cats Out of the Bag, 30-06-2007 (0.35 MB)
The worst of spats!

Ode by a Nightingale, 23-06-2007 (0.15 MB)
So subtle, so sweet!

The Gothic Hippopotamus, 18-06-2007 (0.28 MB)
...wears lots and lots of black...

Noble Creatures, 10-06-2007 (0.35 MB)

Lemuricks, 05-06-2007 (1.03 MB)
Madagascar has lemurs galore...

My Giraffe, 04-06-2007 (0.59 MB)
I thought giraffes ate only leaves!

The Flamingo, 19-05-2007 (0.23 MB)
There is a lake in southern Spain...

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep, 12-05-2007 (0.13 MB)
All his cheeping’s too chirpy...

Lesson One, 05-05-2007 (0.3 MB)
I’m not sure what to make of that.

My Axolotl, 29-04-2007 (0.35 MB)
I keep my axolotl in an empty plastic bottle...

Nightmare, 22-04-2007 (0.15 MB)
Oh my God! What was that?

The Trouble With Sloths, 13-04-2007 (0.25 MB)
This is a quandary, sure enough.

The Manatee Matinee, 07-04-2007 (0.37 MB)
Roll up, roll up, for the Greatest Show on Earth!

The Snow Leopard, 31-03-2007 (0.31 MB)
He lives in Nepal on a mountain quite tall...

Know Your Elephants, 24-03-2007 (0.27 MB)
So how do you tell ’em apart, really?

Asian Elephant

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