Fever Dream

Ordinarily I would kick off a new year’s new design with a post a bit more polished than this one, but I’ve spent the last four days in the grip of a viral poltergeist running around my body kicking over the furniture and cranking all the heaters up, and the delirious ravings of a fevered mind really belong in a national newspaper rather than a respectable venue like this. Even when I put in some effort these posts are never much more than placeholders before the serious timewasting begins, so I may as well just get the baby snail up and be done with it. (Baby snail from the blackberry crop, by the way.) Sorry I had to switch off all the December comments to make way for this. If you didn’t have the chance before, feel free to use this entry’s comments to berate me for my lack of taste in those end-of-year lists.

6 January 2007 · Site News

I wouldn't dream of it!

Feel better soon.

Added by K on 8 January 2007.

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