I haven’t been posting anything more than random links this month for a few reasons: a couple of substantial posts stuck in draft; a pile of marking taking longer than expected; a website needing redesign, and my first attempts not working; trying to finish an overdue book review for a journal; trying (but not often succeeding) to read anything other than assignments and web snippets; trying to catch up on unanswered email; meeting up with friends if at all possible; and all of this made harder because eighty percent of my brain has been taken over by a small but rapidly growing boy.

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Be Sheer Link

A vanishingly slim selection of links. At least this way I can pretend I’m still posting something.

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Whizz for Atomms

This is posibly the best page on the internett or at leest the geekiest, hem hem: the BLAKES 7 carakters in the stile of NIGEL MOLESWORTH:

AVON sho off his noble profile. He is an uter swot and was topp of his skool and also in the chess and debatting clubs. I also hapen to kno that everyone there cal him Avon Minimus, a fakt that always get up his nose, not a hard feet considering it rivle the size of one of the LIBERATORs prongs. Avon like to pla the hard man with studs on but look at his heels, i mean to sa.

18 May 2007 · Television

Ski, Rebel Hen!

Twenty-two panels that always work and sixteen that don’t (via LMG).

Polar bears of Spitsbergen... although not for much longer.

God’s scratchpad: “Note to self—time running only one direction. Need to re-check original rationale on this one. Honestly can’t remember what the story was with that... completely inconvenient. No ‘undo’ function, which just seems like a fundamental feature now.”

There’s still a few days left to listen to James and Barunka’s Radio 2 show. I like it!

This is what I should be doing instead of getting annoyed at not having time to write 2,000-word entries.

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Leek in Herbs

Our Edinburgh MSc in E-learning has just had some welcome publicity in a Guardian story on Second Life. It looks even better in print, with screenshots courtesy of yours truly, but either way you get to read some words from me, just in case you haven’t read enough here. (I would have said that I teach in Second Life, though, rather than lecture in it—it’s hard to think of what we do there as lecturing.)

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Today on NineMSN

Sometimes the unfortunate juxtapositions just leap out at you.

2 May 2007 · Whatever

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