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Our Edinburgh MSc in E-learning has just had some welcome publicity in a Guardian story on Second Life. It looks even better in print, with screenshots courtesy of yours truly, but either way you get to read some words from me, just in case you haven’t read enough here. (I would have said that I teach in Second Life, though, rather than lecture in it—it’s hard to think of what we do there as lecturing.)

I Was a Teenage Sitcom: “In my more metaphysical moments, I suspected that the existence of the sitcom was creating an adverse reaction in real life—all the comedy being sucked out of it.”

Doctors change the way they think about death (via plasticbag.org). Ice, ice, baby.

Cookie Monster pre-cookies (via Ed).

No need to mention that xkcd map of the web everyone’s linking to.

8 May 2007 · Weblog

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