Ski, Rebel Hen!

Twenty-two panels that always work and sixteen that don’t (via LMG).

Polar bears of Spitsbergen... although not for much longer.

God’s scratchpad: “Note to self—time running only one direction. Need to re-check original rationale on this one. Honestly can’t remember what the story was with that... completely inconvenient. No ‘undo’ function, which just seems like a fundamental feature now.”

There’s still a few days left to listen to James and Barunka’s Radio 2 show. I like it!

This is what I should be doing instead of getting annoyed at not having time to write 2,000-word entries.

16 May 2007 · Weblog

Back from saying hello to the statues atop Alnwick Castle, and catching up...

How odd - I was sorting papers last night and came across my bad inkjet printout of the Wally Wood "22 panels", which I hadn't seen or thought of for years. But I'm glad I've seen the companion piece, anyway.

Added by K on 17 May 2007.

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