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15 November 2005

Four and a half years ago I found a tattered passport photo and posted it on this site, kicking off an unexpectedly long run of noticing and posting similar stuff, one item at a time. It turns out that a lot of other people do the same; there must be something about the anonymity of found items and the anonymity of most of our readers that compels us to connect the two.

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Standing Still

Kilmartin Standing Stones, August 2005

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I already spent my anniversary credits on the blogging birthday, but there must be a few in reserve for today: it’s six years since Speedysnail was launched.

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The Five-Year Term

I normally mark the anniversary of the whole site rather than this one, but five years of blogging is some milestone. Look at that first day: eleven entries! Now I’m lucky to post that many in a fortnight. And look at those six-figure Blogger entry IDs. Now they’re up to eighteen, which puts mine in the first 0.0000000002% of all Blogger entries.

This is where I should say something thoughtful and reflective about blogging, or complain about journalists who don’t get it (so much for all the essays I’ve posted here), or redesign the entire site with a retro theme. But I’m metablogged out after writing a paper for a conference in February and polishing it up for the proceedings last month (hey, maybe it’ll turn up here before it’s hopelessly out-of-date). Instead, I thought I’d look at what I was linking to back then: specifically, the “Seven Other Blogs” in the sidebar.

Seven? Was there ever a time when I could restrict my daily reads to seven? Apparently there was. So, where are they now?

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A Redesign for Life

There comes a time when any further tinkering with Movable Type templates and plug-ins, and upgrading MT because the plug-ins won’t work, and considering switching to WordPress but not having the time to figure it out, and trying to get the links blog to appear in the main blog, and testing out all of the various archives, and coming up with a way of having some entries display with a title and some without yet still giving those without an individual archive, and getting the whitespace around every possible permutation and combination of posts right, and trouble-shooting link styles in CSS, and tweaking the background image so that the snail is in just the right position for people to realise there’s a mouseover menu next to it, and wondering where to put the old “Aussie Blogs” link in the bottom menu without messing up the layout, then deciding it’s easier just to drop it because who follows blog-ring links these days anyway, and hoping the whole thing looks tolerable on IE for Windows, and getting sick to death of the whole thing before you’ve even started using it, all have to be put to one side and the big button that says “save” decisively pressed.

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