Shopping List

  1. Print out.
  2. Delete where applicable.
  3. Rush around shops during three remaining days until Christmas.
  4. Purchase fine DVDs, CDs, hardcovers and paperbacks.
  5. Wrap. Relax.
  6. Leave small offering of port and cashew nuts for Santa Rore, patron saint of obsessive end-of-year list-makers.



Thirty Days

The previous entry was the ninetieth at Speedysnail this year, which doesn’t seem like much; that’s what happens when I try to put a full page’s worth of value into each and every one. (Still, it’s one every four days; 500-2000 word essays, most of ’em. And you got over 223 links in the feed, as well.)





My brother and sister-in-law lived in London’s docklands for most of their time in the UK, which meant I ended up spending a fair bit of time in the area. He was back there briefly a week or two ago, so I popped down for 24 hours to see him. Luckily it was a clear autumn day, perfect for walking around his old haunts—and for supplementing previous photos of the area’s crumbling past and gleaming present.



Windows 2004

More Doors and Windows

More Doors and Windows from Paris and Scotland.

And more new Detail: Metal Maps.



July the Thirtieth

Five years ago today. And three.



Fine Specimens


Photos from a visit to the Darwin Centre of the Natural History Museum, London, Christmas 2002.



In Theory

I don’t normally launch new parts of the site until they’re finished, or finished enough, but in this case I’m making an exception. Ever since I started putting my academic writings from pre-web days onto this site, I’ve been thinking about how to—or even whether to—include some of my old essays in political thought. Although at one time I had plans to do more with them, ten years of actual life got in the way, and they’ve mouldered away in the bottom disk sector all that time.



Zis ist Hardcore

We’ve tried to keep him in retirement. We’ve tried to ignore his pleas to return. We’ve even tried not to use the first person plural in our announcements. But in the end we couldn’t resist Doktor Komputor’s RSS.



Hasta Luego

Caracols en Cataluña

El caracol rápido está teniendo una siesta por dos o tres semanas.