Thirty Days

The previous entry was the ninetieth at Speedysnail this year, which doesn’t seem like much; that’s what happens when I try to put a full page’s worth of value into each and every one. (Still, it’s one every four days; 500-2000 word essays, most of ’em. And you got over 223 links in the feed, as well.)

The trouble with being so reflective and selective is that all of the throwaway bits and pieces got thrown away, and a lot of what got chucked were the brief comments on movies and music which used to justify my pointless end-of-year lists. But as everyone knows, an unlisted life is not worth examining:

  1. Examine life.
  2. Oh Jesus.

So here’s the plan. Instead of dumping a whole bunch of books, movies and albums in one entry without further comment, I’m going to post a short entry about each of them. For the sake of my own sanity, most of these won’t be 500-2000 word essays; more like a tenth of that. I’ve already written about a lot of the books, so I’ll just be linking back to those entries. I haven’t written much about movies and music this year, though, so it won’t all be rehashed.

When I came up with this mad idea, I thought it would be perfect for December, the poster-month for Seasonal Affective Disorder: 30 days of an entry a day, plus an index/master list on the 31st. But no one’s going to be reading blogs over Christmas and New Year, so that would mean having the index on Christmas Eve, and the thirty entries would start... today. Crap.

How about I just put them up whenever, one or a few at a time, with the last one on Christmas Eve. That way you’ll get all you need for your Christmas shopping a good three or four hours before the shops shut. And I’ll get a 33% boost to my entry count for the year.

Note: The management reserves the right to cheat. Abandoning ship is also an attractive possibility.