Standing Still

Kilmartin Standing Stones, August 2005

I told myself I’d post here again when (a) my list of pressing tasks was down to only (i) the chronic rather than (ii) the acute, and (b) I’d made something interesting to post here, which (c) meant more than just (iii) another review or (iv) that long post I’ve been meaning to write about what I’ve been up to this past month/months/year, with (e) the result that (b) is now part of (ii), and (iii) and (iv) are part of (i). Now that I’ve broken that (f)-ing promise by writing this, I might as well start posting again... which should happen, (g), any day now.

10 October 2005 · Site News

Well, I'm glad you're still alive, anyway. Where's the stone and whose fingers are they?

Added by Kirsten on 11 October 2005.

Over in Kilmartin, which has the best crop of standing stones this close to Glasgow and Edinburgh; and they’re mine, I think.

Still alive, thanks, but in one of those work-eat-sleep-work phases. I suppose I could chuck a few links up, but ehhhhh, who needs ’em.

Added by Rory on 11 October 2005.