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Although the pandemic was declared over in the West, this year had more horrors in store. It began with a bang—one that was audible across oceans—as Tonga suffered a devastating volcanic eruption; followed by months of bangs when Russia invaded Ukraine and found it wasn’t a pushover. Along the way, Britain saw three prime ministers and two monarchs, a near miss at Eurovision, and rocketing inflation and interest rates. Some of it is reflected here, along with the usual mix of new galleries at Detail, posts of links, and occasional glimpses into everyday life. Here’s the year and its category archives, and here’s a gallery of the banner source images.

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31 December 2022 · Site News


I’m away from Britain for the first time in three years, visiting family on the other side of the world. Getting here involved thirty hours of plane travel—going the long way round, at half the price of travelling via Asia. I came close to missing my connection in Newark, thanks to a delayed departure from Edinburgh, and had to fight jetlag in LA and Melbourne to avoid missing my subsequent connections; but it all worked out. My first time on a plane in over three years: I’m pretty sure the longest I’ve gone between flights in my entire life.

It hasn’t been the easiest year, so spending the end of it back in Tassie has given some time to take stock. Maybe I’ll write about it sometime. In the meantime, before the year is over, here’s a photo from the end of it.

Roaring Beach, Tasman Peninsula, 22 December 2022
Roaring Beach, Tasman Peninsula, 22 December 2022

29 December 2022 · Journal

Duvet Burrito

How pop lost interest in the key change. Is TikTok killing off the bridge?

Science fiction is a Luddite literature.

Jodorowsky’s Tron.

What topological magic is this?

Magee’s Pensées.

The super rich are inevitable.

Covid overwhelmed China’s hospitals within weeks.

A cure for cancer.

28 December 2022 · Weblog

Old News

The lost art of having a chat. The nostalgia memes that help explain Britain today.

English is a lot more French than we thought.

Life in the slow lane.

I’m a decade late to this story, but it’s still awful: a Mayan pyramid was bulldozed by a road construction firm.

Trench warfare, 2022.

Who goes Nazi?

3 December 2022 · Weblog

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