Moai on Fire

Treat your to-do list like a river.

The king of reloading.

The man who doodled his abode.

The most visited website in every country.

The end of the DSLR.

The endlessness of Spotify.

Growing old online.

Sorry, we wrecked the economy.

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24 October 2022 · Weblog


When digging through some old files of forum and workshop comments from my most active years on the OEDILF, I unearthed some throwaway verses that were worth cleaning up and putting on display, like old glass bottle-stoppers dug out of the mud.

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9 October 2022 · 1 Comment · Whatever

Rhetorical Questions

While the UK succumbs to self-imposed political, economic and regulatory destruction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to repel Russia’s increasingly desperate attempts to bring literal destruction to their country.

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2 October 2022 · Events

Smooth Criminals

How to nurture a personal library.

How catchy, disposable songs came to dominate the music industry.

How do good conversations work?

How bout dat moonwalk?

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2 October 2022 · Weblog

Don’t Camp Outdoors

The trip to Rose Cottage is Cal Flyn’s account of a trip to Swona, a remote Scottish island that was abandoned in 1974. A herd of cattle has been running wild there for decades. Videos of a visit to Swona in 2000 and a history of the island capture its peaceful desolation. If you’re ever sailing due west of Burwick in Orkney, why not stop by for a visit yersel’? A Metafilter post.

2 October 2022 · Environment

One in the Breech

It started with a tweet highlighting an episode from On the Air, a series of short animations from BBC Northern Ireland of talk radio from The Gerry Anderson Show dating back to the 2000s. The hypno-hen soon went viral, and now the late broadcaster’s family have set up a website in his honour.

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2 October 2022 · Comedy

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