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Ending the year with galleries of my travel photos from the 1980s is timely, as this year my sidebar images have featured paintings that have held meaning for me throughout my life, many of which I first saw on those trips. There are others that would have qualified, but I couldn’t always find high-resolution images to get the best results for the sidebar excerpts. Still, I managed to find most of the main candidates.

Here’s a gallery of the relevant paintings, along with some notes about when and where I first saw them.

1 December 2019

Building Blocks

Western Europe’s tallest skyscraper will be visible from 60km away, unimpeded by much in the way of other buildings, because it’s going to be in the middle of the Danish countryside. Elsewhere in the land of Lego, buildings grow from fjords, resemble icebergs, recycle, out-lean Pisa, get wavey, look spiky, express themselves, and capture clouds. Danish architecture is on the rise: today, Copenhagen; yesterday, and tomorrow, the world.

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