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Western Europe’s tallest skyscraper will be visible from 60km away, unimpeded by much in the way of other buildings, because it’s going to be in the middle of the Danish countryside. Elsewhere in the land of Lego, buildings grow from fjords, resemble icebergs, recycle, out-lean Pisa, get wavey, look spiky, express themselves, and capture clouds. Danish architecture is on the rise: today, Copenhagen; yesterday, and tomorrow, the world.

It’s worth noting that the Bestseller skyscraper in Brande, at 320m, will only be Western Europe’s tallest if a 381m skyscraper in the Swiss village of Vals fails to be built. Fortunately for Brande, that project appears to have faltered.

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28 May 2019 · Art

Despite the amusing visualisations with sheep around it, the Brande skyscraper is a pretty silly idea—only marginally less than the Vals proposal. I tried searching for “rural skyscraper” as part of my research for this post, and the pickings are slim for a reason.

I’d love to see the Fjordenhus, and any of the others linked here. The only one of these that I’ve seen, despite having visited Denmark, is the most famous piece of Danish architecture in the world... in Sydney.

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