Up, Up and Away

Hobart from the air
Approaching Hobart, Tasmania, July 2019.

After eleven new galleries at Detail, and additions to a few more, I’ve finally finished with the photos from our summer (winter) holiday in Australia. The last pieces of the puzzle were the photos from the flights themselves, where I sat in the window seats so that the kids could take turns in the aisle. They provided a dozen-ish additions to Window Seat, which you can find at the end of that gallery, or by jumping to the first additional photo and clicking through the rest. They needed a bit of cropping and balancing, especially the ones from Dubai to cut through the dust and smog, but include the best aerial shots I’ve ever taken of Canberra and a great string of images from the approach to Hobart, which on a good day is one of the most beautiful landings in the world.

One of our flights was memorable in a different way. We ended up on the low-budget airline Scoot for the flight from Singapore to Sydney, which was a challenge with two kids for seven hours and no screens (they had a deal where you could stream movies to your tablet if you booked in advance, but we didn’t have ours and I hadn’t known). But on the approach to Sydney after dark, they bathed the cabin for a few minutes in rainbow light, a magical effect which almost made up for the corner-cutting elsewhere. Here’s a photo (mouseover for another).


Oh, and the title of this entry isn’t a Prodigy reference, or even a 5th Dimension reference. As any Aussie of a certain age knows, it’s up, up and away, with TAA, the friendly, friendly way.

13 October 2019 · Travel