Hampton Court

I mentioned the other day that my London photos contained another gallery in the making. Here it is: Henry VIII’s magnificent pile, as seen on a sunny day in the summer of 2006.

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Grail Not Included

I had an email from a visitor to the site last week, complimenting my Scottish Sand photos of North Berwick (thanks!) and wondering if I’d ever taken any of Rosslyn Chapel. I saw the chapel a few times between 2005 and 2011, but haven’t been back since, and hadn’t done much with my photos of it. Still, it was a good prompt to go back over them, the first of which were taken on a 2-megapixel Canon IXUS and the rest on a 5-megapixel Lumix. Between them I had decent coverage of the interior and exterior of the chapel, including its roof, which at the time was accessible using the scaffolding in place during its repair. I haven’t got any exterior photos without that scaffolding, so I’ll have to go back to get some, but in the meantime here’s a collection of the best of them.

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Something grim rises from Trump’s rally.

Trump wants to be a dictator. It’s not enough just to laugh at him.

Muslims lived in America before Protestantism even existed.

Permafrost N2O levels are twelve times higher than expected.

Antarctic sea ice has fallen precipitously since 2014.

Our fight against fake news is starting to turn the tide.

Notre-Dame came far closer to collapsing than people knew.

Many of the “oldest” people in the world may not be as old as we think.

Critically acclaimed horror film of the 2010s or your Ph.D. program?

It’s okay to be good and not great.

The birth of the semicolon.

The dawn of the Chinese blockbuster.

Mr Olds’ remarkable elevator.

A new clue to the origins of life.

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There was a lot of buzz in Remain circles last week about a Guardian Long Read article on the radicalisation of remain by Daniel Cohen. (I liked Alex Andreou’s take on it.)

Much of the article is reasonably straight reportage of the general landscape of Remain activism, particularly the Twitter side, but the tone is skewed by Cohen’s use of the term “remainist” to make it seem as if hardcore remainers are some sort of extreme fringe. The label “remainer” seems perfectly adequate to me. We’ve had no trouble distinguishing between different types of remainers to date—people have talked about Remain voters versus Remainers, or “hardcore remainers” as the Guardian puts it in the lede of Cohen’s article. “Remainer” means more than just “somebody who voted remain”, because at least some remain voters are now leavers, just as some leave voters are now remainers. It’s also flexible enough to include those who are generally supportive of remaining, through to those who are passionate enough to go on a march, tweet or post to Mefi Brexit threads, through to those who have given up their day jobs to devote themselves to the cause. It’s a broad church, and it isn’t defined by #FBPE.

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Service Not Included

I was away for a month over the summer, which meant nothing new appearing here, although the trip will yield some more photo galleries eventually. It also meant that a server issue that arose just before I left went unrepaired for weeks. My webhost did something to how it handled Server-Side Includes which meant that any included PHP-driven segments on my pages broke, which affected the category archives on this blog. I couldn’t get to the bottom of it with them, so rather than convert all of my blog pages to PHP and use PHP Includes to achieve the same effect, I tweaked the templates a bit and changed the functionality of some of the archive links. It should all be looking normal now, if slightly different.

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