Political Obituaries

The thoroughly humiliating and extremely satisfying demise of Tony Abbott. First Dog on the Moon anticipating last week’s schadenfreude months ago. Bonus First Dog.

The UK media’s treatment of Jeremy Corbyn.

What the British were really laughing about on Monday.

British Constitutional Law 401: Death of the Monarch.

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Homo newsltdi

National Geographic Society discovers ancient human who rewrites history, makes him majority shareholder.

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Wattle and Daub

Marketing legends.

More Buxton Bowie—it’s Cobbler Bob.

Chimps and monkeys have entered the Stone Age.

One Aussie bloke’s awe-inspiring hobby.

When English earthworms met the forests of New England.

Kudzu, the vine that never truly ate the South.

How the ballpoint changed handwriting.

How media fluff helped Hitler’s rise. A new theory of Hitler’s anti-Semitism. Hitler’s world.

Refugees’ worldly goods.

Duck army.

10 September 2015 · Weblog

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