As you’d expect of someone who’s rated all of U2’s UK number one singles as good or better, I once again contradicted the usual chorus of U2/Bono hate in this thread (which at least wasn’t as much of a chorus as it was in some). I can’t see Bono in the same dismissive light as so many at Popular do; to quote Gag Halfrunt, he’s just this guy, you know? (Blinding revelation: Bono is Zaphod Beeblebrox, in all his good and bad aspects.)

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In a Scary Cave with Bats

Your next selfie could be your last.

Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo 11 travel expense report.

Bowie, Eno and Visconti record “Warszawa”. Brilliant work from Doctor Buckles.

The invention of the AeroPress.

The guy behind Australia’s greatest ever meme. (Parental Advisory Warning: your kids won’t know who John Howard was.)

The year the old internet finally died. Not if I have anything to do with it. (I have very little to do with it.)

Warner Music hid evidence that “Happy Birthday” is in the public domain. All together now: “Class ac-tion law-suit, class ac-tion law-suit...”

Zoological insights could help fight bacterial drug resistance.

A computational approach for obstruction-free photography.

Climate change nightmares are already here. The Pentagon prepares for a century of climate emergencies. The scariest part isn’t what we know, but what we don’t.

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Early 2015

With one or two exceptions, I haven’t posted many photos here this year. Here’s a visual diary of early 2015 in and around Edinburgh (and a trip to London), before the photos of Australia take over.

8 August 2015 · Journal

Hotter Than July

The world’s fastest shoelace knot.

Earth’s land mammals by weight.

“We are building skyscraper favelas in code —in earthquake zones.”

It’s not climate change — it’s everything change.

The art of the car chase.

What’s the deal with translating Seinfeld?

The source of bad writing.

The web we have to save.

The end of capitalism has begun.

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July 2015