Mulholland Drive-By

Even if you’ve already seen Matt Mulholland’s captivating cover of “My Heart Will Go On” (via here if nowhere else), you owe it to yourself to dig deeper into his YouTube channel, which is a feast of musical delicacies.

For recorder fans, he’s also covered the Hobbit theme, “Silent Night” and, in a breathtaking live performance, “O Holy Night”. The last also gets a sensitive rewrite to show off his vocal talents, which are on display elsewhere in his covers of the Pokemon theme song, “Danger Zone”, “Let it Go”, “Flash”, “Who Let the Dogs Out?” and—in a touching duet—“Barbie Girl”. Then there are his multitracking masterpieces “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, the lobby scene from The Matrix, and (Parental Advisory!) “Fuck You”, as well as the stunning live looping of “Teenage Dream” and “Get Lucky”. Finally, let him teach you how to sing falsetto and play the recorder. Happy? Oh yeah.

20 March 2014 · Comedy