Into the Valley of Death Metal

The sacking of Louvain in August 1914. You would never guess it of Leuven today.

George Takei lived in an internment camp as a child.

Do climate dissenters like climate change?

Zadie Smith: Elegy for a country’s seasons.

George Monbiot: Addicted to comfort (via Then Play Long).

Fear and loathing in Glasvegas.

Adam Curtis on pop, rock and journalism.


So you want to be a writer...

BBC Three and the future of comedy.

Rio’s open arms.

1 Moon = 1 pixel (via Mefi).

The best fake Swedish ever?

Does it matter if we can’t pronounce mispronunciation?

The littlest conductor.

The Titanic theme on recorder (via Mefi).

How Europeans once imagined exotic animals.

The survival of the carrot cavalry (via Mefi).

When cowboys wore pink.

Pinterest Fail (via Mefi).

The Indian sanitary pad revolutionary.

19 March 2014 · Weblog