Disappearing Worlds

What do music fans of 13 and 64 have in common?

We missed losing every hard-disk on Earth by nine days in 2012.

Sellotape selfies go viral.

Kafka’s joke book.

Local news for local people.

John Steinbeck’s advice to his son on falling in love.

Geoff Dyer: “When I stood up half the world had disappeared.”

Most red-state Americans now believe climate change is real.

Dead currents, stagnant oceans, H2S skies and the next mass extinction: Our future in a world without ice caps.

31 March 2014 · Weblog

Mulholland Drive-By

Even if you’ve already seen Matt Mulholland’s captivating cover of “My Heart Will Go On” (via here if nowhere else), you owe it to yourself to dig deeper into his YouTube channel, which is a feast of musical delicacies.

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Into the Valley of Death Metal

The sacking of Louvain in August 1914. You would never guess it of Leuven today.

George Takei lived in an internment camp as a child.

Do climate dissenters like climate change?

Zadie Smith: Elegy for a country’s seasons.

George Monbiot: Addicted to comfort (via Then Play Long).

Fear and loathing in Glasvegas.

Adam Curtis on pop, rock and journalism.


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