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Pangea mapped with modern political borders (via io9).

James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem on dealing with failure.

Radio Four in Four Minutes.

Joss Whedon on Getting It Done.

Russell Brand on Newsnight.

The Worst Jobs in the World Matrix.

World’s oldest calendar discovered in Scotland.

Jack Handey’s deepness.

On “off of”.

Some Thoughts On Mercy.

The Man and the Ravens.

The BeatleBox.

Clive James in purgatory.

Locals and Tourists.

Edward Snowden’s not the story. The fate of the internet is.

31 July 2013 · Weblog

Boundless Pains to Share

Australia disgraced itself a fortnight ago, or rather Kevin Rudd’s new government did, although as his move to outsource asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea seems a surefire vote-winner there’s plenty of blame to go round. I railed impotently in a Metafilter thread about the move, and figure I may as well reproduce that impotence here. What follows are my (edited) comments from the thread. Although I started out writing about the country in the third person, I switched to “we” and “our”, even though I’m not living there now, because using “over there” language in this context felt wrong.

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A post at Laughing Squid introduced me to Joshua Katz’s U.S. Dialect Maps, based on data from a survey conducted by Bert Vaux of Cambridge University. Laughing Squid highlighted some favourite topics, like the soda, pop and coke divide, but the ones that really got me were the totally unexpected handful below...

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The Undefined Subroutine Called DBD::mysql::db::_login

Although this blog may look more moribund than it has for a while, for the past month there’s been a reason for it...

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